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Clean all those unnecessary temporary files from your PC easily
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Finn Ekberg Christiansen

Do you know how many unnecessary temporary files your computer has? They could be thousands and thousands of junk files using a lot of space on your hard disk.
Empty Temp Folders is a useful and handy tool that clears the content of the TEMP folder. Windows programs should automatically delete any temporary files and folders they create, but many don't (including Microsoft programs such as FrontPage). Over time these files can grow to occupy a large chunk of your hard disk.
This handy tool clears the content of the users TEMP folder. Most of the time Megabytes of unnecessary temporary files are stocked in the TEMP folder of your computer. This tool recovers all those wasted space. Specially created to help PC-administrators to recover Megabytes even Gigabytes of space on workstations.

Here are some key features of Empty Temp Folders:
-Scans all accessible user accounts
-Deletes temporary internet files
-Deletes cookies
-Deletes browser history
-Deletes recent files
-Deletes windows temp folders

And the best, it's a FREE

Daniel Mantilla
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  • You can schedule how many times a day, the program will clean TEMP Folders


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